First author papers

  • A gap in the double white dwarf separation distribution caused by the common-envelope evolution: astrometric evidence from Gaia

MNRAS, 515, 1228-1246 (2022), arXiv:2203.03659

  • Observationally driven Galactic double white dwarf population for LISA, MNRAS, 511, 5936-5947 (2022), arXiv:2109.10972

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  • Bondi accretion in early-type galaxies, MNRAS, 460, 1188-1200 (2016), arXiv:1602.04598

Co-authored papers

  • The Large Magellanic Cloud revealed in gravitational waves with LISA, under revision with MNRAS (2022), arXiv:2207.14277

  • Gravitational waves from double white dwarfs as probes of the Milky Way, under revision with MNRAS (2022), arXiv:2204.07349

  • Bayesian Characterisation of Circumbinary Exoplanets with LISA, accepted by MNRAS (2022), arXiv:2205.03461

  • The Milky Way's bar structural properties from gravitational waves, MNRAS, 500, 4958-4971 (2021), arXiv:2003.11074

  • The TianQin project: current progress on science and technology, Progress of Theoretical and Experimental Physics (2021), arXiv:2008.10332

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  • Milky Way Satellites Shining Bright in Gravitational Waves, ApJL, 894, L15, (2020), arXiv:2002.10465

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  • LISA verification binaries with updated distances from Gaia Data Release 2, MNRAS, 480, 302-309 (2018), arXiv:1805.00482

White papers and conference proceedings

  • Astrophysics with the Laser Interferometer Space Antenna, under revision with Living Reviews In Relativity, arXiv:2203.06016

  • Multi-messenger Athena synergy white paper, Experimental Astronomy, EXPA-D-21-00092R1 (2022),arXiv:2110.15677

  • Prospects for studying Galactic neutron stars in binaries with LISA, Proceedings of the IAU, Symposium No. 363, 2021

  • Unveiling the Gravitational Universe at μ-Hz Frequencies, Experimental Astronomy, Vol. 51, Issue 3, p.1333-1383, arXiv:1908.11391

  • Synergies between Gaia and LISA missions for Galactic multi-messenger studies, 53rd ESLAB Symposium: The Gaia Universe, 8-12 April 2019, ESTEC/ESA, Noordwijk, The Netherlands

  • Constraining the Milky Way potential with Double White Dwarfs, 21st European Workshop on White Dwarfs, 23-27 July 2018, Austin, Texas, USA

  • Detection of Double White Dwarf Binaries with Gaia, LSST and eLISA, 20th European Workshop on White Dwarfs, 25-29 July 2016, Warwick, UK

Other publications

  • For LISA. Music composition from gravitational waves, Proceedings of the 19th Sound and Music Computing Conference (2022), 10.5281/zenodo.6822204, arXiv:2202.04621

  • Legacy of the First Workshop on Gravitational Wave Astrophysics for Early Career Scientists, Nature Astronomy, 6, 304-305 (2022), arXiv:2111.15596

My PhD thesis

Publications aimed at the general public

  • The Human Computer: Selected works by Katherine Johnson, Quaternion books, ISBN 9789083127057 (2021),